Use Case

Whether you are a freelancer or a website development agency, We have a pricing plan for everyone and for every need.

Know More About Your Browser

Know what is the version of your browser, its OS, User sessions, average duration, and much more with a single click via Breeze


Switch Between Environments In
A Click

Switching between developer and live environments is now super easy. Colour code environments and switch them in a click.


Fetch Techstack Of A Website

Do you often find yourself wondering what’s the tech stack behind a web app or a website? Worry not! Fetch the techstack data in a click via Breeze.

Fetch Techstack

Share Your Workspaces With Your Team

Sharing information is now not a tedious job! Create workspaces for your projects and share them with your team through Breeze.

Team Sharing

Create Multiple Workspaces For Your Work

Create multiple workspaces in the Breeze wen app to manage your projects and share with your team and clients.

Multiple Workspace

Get To Know Third Party Information Of Websites

Have you ever wondered what third party plugins like GA, GTM, Hotjar, etc your competitor is using? Do you want to utilise this information for yourself or for you clients? Then You have landed at the right place.

Third Party

Cookie & Cache

Quickly clear your browsing data & cache with a single click & improve performance of your computer & loading time of your web pages.

Cookie and Cache

Live Edit Your Websites

Forget the hassle of tons of screenshots, confusing feebdack, and unorganised work. Live edit your website, save the changes, and get clarity on them without any trouble.

Live Edit

Make Your Website Layouts Responsive

Do not drag your screens to test if a website is responsive or not! Just click on the layout change button and see if your websites are desktop or mobile friendly!

Responsive Layout Overview

Conduct A Screenshort Audit

Take screenshots of multiple webpages, on your desired date, and save all of them in one space! Make your work more efficient and organized.

Screenshot Overview

Be Better At SEO With Breeze

Do you wish that you’d know how to optimise your webpages better? Now you can fetch metadata that makes a website SEO friendly within a click


Manage UI Activities With Page Manager Template

Save your UI templates, take important notes and access them with one click in the Breeze web application.

Page Manager

Audit Website Pages and Access Their Metadata

With Page Audit feature, you can assess the overall performance, SEO score and upcoming opportunities for the Breeze web application. And you can get the list of all the pages on your website with their metadata via the Page List feature

Page Audit

View your website’s sitemap in a visual format

Breeze lets you visualise the sitemap in graphical and level-wise formats inside the Breeze web application

Website Sitemap

Never miss a deadline with pre-defined checklists

Breeze gives you the pre-defined checklists for different teams and different times like weekly, monthly, and yearly.


Free Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension