Take automatic screenshots of a website on particular periods

Screenshot Automation enables you to take screenshots of any website at set time intervals. You can capture them at a frequency - daily, weekly, monthly or at a particular date.

Screenshot Overview

Screenshot Automation is a tool for those busy website managers and marketers who need to keep track of a website’s data frequently.

Capture multiple screenshots, archive, and download them from Breeze

Breeze lets you store screenshots from different websites, edit/download them, and add tags to them.

Upload URL

You can upload a URL of a website to get its screenshots in one place

Store Screenshots

Store all your screenshots in one place in Breeze’s WebApp

Download Images

Once you edit the images you can download them from the Breeze application

Edit Images

Edit the stored images as you want, and share across

Stop or Pause

You can pause the process and start again or stop it if you wish

Tag/Mark Favourite

You can tag a screenshot with a particular note or mark it as your favourite ones

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Retrieve screenshots at periodic intervals in one place

A glimpse of the Screenshot Automation inside the Breeze Web App

Add any website URL and take screenshots at time intervals

Screenshot Automation takes screenshots for you in a particular duration so that you can monitor a website or an application without manual efforts.

Add a start date and frequency for capturing the screenshots

Add when do you wish to start the screenshot capture process and a capture frequency like weekly, monthly, etc.

Pause/Stop the process and Download/Edit the captured screenshots

You can download and crop the screenshots inside the Breeze application. You can also start, pause, and stop the process.

Add tags and mark your favourite screenshots

You can mention special tags to the screenshots or mark them favourite for future reference.

Screenshot Automation Overview

How can I store my screenshots in Breeze?

How can I share my screenshots with my team members?

What editing options are available?

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