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Many people are responsible for different parts of the website, with the Breeze team section you can store different users, their roles and information. This can be shared with the team and you can deactivate old users.

Team Sharing Overview

Team sharing enables sharing of project information and keeping track of employees working in one place

Add different team members to your workspaces and share information with them

You can add a team member with their name, email address and other data to your project or invite them to your workspace.

Single Workspace

You can add your team members to your workspace and manage them from a single space

Adding Team Members

Sharing a workspace with multiple employees or clients is doable. That makes the work faster and more organised

Percentage Allocation

You can allocate projects to team members and status as ‘Inactive’ or ‘Active’ according to their availability

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity is enhanced as project details can be accessed in one space


Team members can independently work with the help of information

Information Security

The information within a workspace remains exclusive to your company

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Access teams in one place

A glimpse of the team sharing feature inside the Breeze Web App

Add and share projects and workspaces with your teams in breeze

Create, Share, and manage website management projects with your teams from a single place

Add a team member to specific projects

You can have multiple websites inside a single workspace. And you can add team members to individual projects inside a workspace.

Create department-wise teams and assign roles

Create different teams like development, marketing, operations, etc. Add team members according to their teams, and share the workspaces with them.

Share Invites to members to join your workspaces

You can invite a team member to collaborate with your entire workspace as well.

Breeze Workspace

Why is team sharing important?

How do I share a workspace or website in Breeze?

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