Access ready-to-use UI templates and design templates in one place from the Breeze app

You can store multiple UI templates in the Breeze web application and access them from a single place

UI templates, design templates, and web design templates all under one roof for the designers

Do not do the double work. Store your design templates in one place and use them whenever you need

Breeze lets you save design templates in one place so that you can skip the hustle of re-creating them.

Save the template by name

You can give a name to your template and save them

Save the template version

Save the version of your templates so that you know which is the latest one

Save with the UI-UX links

You can store the Ui and UX links in the breeze application and navigate them just with a click

Save important notes

Keep your notes along with the design templates so that you never miss on the nitty-gritty

Increase your efficiency

You can increase your efficiency by saving multiple re-usable templates

Search by name

If you do not remember the technical names, you can save your templates with the names you like

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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Focus on your creativity by replacing the unnecessary work

A glimpse of the ‘Template’ feature inside the Breeze web application

Pay more attention to the nitty-gritty of the design

When you save UI templates in Breeze, you free up space for your creative flow

Add new templates by name and version Create new templates by clicking on the ‘Add template’ button and save templates with their name and version.

Save UI and UX links You can also save UI and UX links of your templates in the Breeze web application.

Take important notes You can save small details or important information in the notes section.

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Can I save multiple templates?

How will saving UI templates will increase my efficiency?

Can I save UI Figma kit?

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