Live edit your websites without any coding

Forget the hassle of tons of screenshots and confusing feedback. Live-edit your website, save the changes and get clarity on them without any trouble.

You can now experiment client feedback on your live website with the help of the live edit tool

Easy to use live edit tool on Breeze chrome extension

Breeze allows users to edit the live websites without actually changing the code.

Show Grid

You can draw an outline around every element on the website page to know the page structure

Edit Text

You can directly edit the text on the webpage and see its look how without any code changes

Remove Elements

You can also remove elements on the website temporarily to see how it looks without that element

Change Visuals

You can also change images, video content, etc. and see what visually appeals you

Effective TAT

Your Turnaround Time reduces rapidly as changes can be made live and save for later

Quick Changes

Designers can send their final changes to clients without disturbing the website for feedback

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

No credit card required

Freelancer: Free

Standard: $49 (Life Time Deal)

Agency: $98 (Life Time Deal)

Pro: $147 (Life Time Deal)

Easiest way to live edit your websites on the go

Breeze has options to edit the text and visuals on the live websites

Install the Breeze Chrome Extension on the web-store

It’s free. You just have to go there and search for the Green icon of Breeze, install the extension and enable it.

Click on the ‘Live Edit’ icon

By clicking on the chrome extension icon on your extension bar, a window will pop up. Click on Live Edit button to start editing the website.

Edit text, change or remove elements

You can select a particular area and start editing. Edit the text, and change or remove elements on the live website.

Live Edit Your Websites

How does live editing work in Breeze?

What is the use of the Live edit tool?

Free Chrome Extension

Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkit available today.

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