Clear cookie & cache with one click!

With the Breeze chrome extension, you can easily delete and manage cookies, cache & local data on your Chrome browser.

  • Clear cookie & cache of a specific website

  • Clear cookie & cache based on time range

  • View all the cookies on a page

Clear cookies in chrome with this easy to install chrome extension that lets you clear cookies and cache your website with a click

Forget manual cleaning of your browser – clear
cookies and cache in one click!

Breeze allows users to manage and clear all types of cookies, cache and local from their browsers.

Clear Browser Cookies

With Breeze Chrome Extension, you can clear browser cookies with one click

Clear Browser Cache

Breeze Chrome Extension has an option to clean cache from a particular website

Safe Browsing

Your crucial details will not be saved for the websites as you surf on clearing the cookies & cache

Clear Local Data

With Breeze Chrome Extension, you can clear browser local storage data with one click

Faster Browsing

Deleting the Cookie & Cache increases the loading time of the web pages

View Cookies Dropped

You can see all the cookies dropped on the website. On Breeze Bar click Cookie & Cache > View Cookies on this page

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

No credit card required

Freelancer: Free

Standard: $49 (Life Time Deal)

Agency: $98 (Life Time Deal)

Pro: $147 (Life Time Deal)

The simplest way to clear cookies and
cache from your websites

Breeze is the easiest way of safe browsing on the internet

Install the Breeze Chrome Extension on the web-store

It’s free. You just have to go there and search for the Green icon of Breeze, install the extension and enable it

Select Whether you want to delete cookies, cache, or both

By clicking on the chrome extension icon on your extension bar, a window will pop up. You can choose a website and which kind of cleanup you want to do

Select the time range you want to clear your cache and cookies

There’s an option to select a time range; for example - 24 hours, last hour, 7 days, All time, etc. Select your favourable time range and hit CLEAR!

Clear Cookies and Cache

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Free Chrome Extension

Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkit available today.

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