Manage and work on multiple websites from one place

Add multiple websites in the workspace, add team members, and manage your projects from a single space

Workspace lets you manage your website projects from one place and share with your team members

Add different team members to your workspaces and share information with them

You can add a team member with their name, email address and other data to your project or invite them to your workspace.

Multiple Workspaces

Add one or multiple workspaces for different kinds of needs

Multiple Websites

You can add multiple websites under one workspace or add them separately as you want

Team Sharing

You can share your workspaces with your team members for easy management

Project Management

Operate and manage all your projects under a single system

Access To Data

As you share your information with the team, data access becomes easy and manageable

Third-Party Integration

Use third-party plugins to manage your projects better in a few clicks

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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Standard: $49 (Life Time Deal)

Agency: $98 (Life Time Deal)

Pro: $147 (Life Time Deal)

Workspace makes all your website project easily accessible

Create workspaces for your website projects and avail the features like Browser support, techstack, environment switcher, and more.

Website project management made easier with Breeze

Let us see how Breeze’s workspace can help you conduct your projects better

Add multiple website projects and avail the features

You can add multiple websites to your workspace or create multiple workspaces for different projects. You can opt for a plan according to your requirements.

Add team or team members to the workspace and assign roles

Add team members to the workspace and share information with them. You can also assign them roles according to their responsibilities.

Handover workspaces to clients or agencies

Once you finish your website project or migrate to a new one, you can easily handover the workspace with all necessary information with a click.

Multiple workspace Overview

How can I create a Workspace in Breeze?

How can I share my workspace with my team members?

How many websites can I add under one workspace?

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