We have fixed website migration.

Website migration should not be this hard. We have built the necessary tools to make website migration a Breeze.

  • Lack of standard process documents

  • Integration with technology

  • Sharing & onboarding team members

Manage your website with Breeze

Managing multiple websites

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your website projects? Do you feel like you're constantly juggling different tasks without time focusing on your website?

Create dedicated workspaces

You can create multiple workspaces and organise them based on the working group, teams involved or company group.

Website projects inside a workspace

Each workspace can contain multiple websites; arrange all your client work in one workspace and your company's websites in the other!

Share website info with your clients or project team

Easily add team members to a workspace and privately share the website of their interest.

Project handover made easy

Once the project is signed off, Handover the website information to the client with a simple handover option.

Workspace Manage Multiple Website

Built for non-tech marketers

The Breeze product strives to make the life of a non-technical marketing professional a little bit easier. As a result, you can access technical information about the website with Breeze.

Clear cookie & cache with one click

Delete and manage cookies, cache & local data in a single click from your Chrome browser.

Check if your website works on mobile

No-code way to check if your website works on mobile. Sync with Google Analytics top screen resolution data.

Take screenshots with debugging information

The breeze tool helps you capture screenshots of any website issues and share them with developers with technical (debug) information. You can also take recurring screenshots of your page.

Edit text on the page without login

With LiveEdit, modify the text and images and change the alignment on the web pages without making changes in the backend or code.

Breeze Chrome Extension

Website operational tasks in one place

Don't you have time to manage multiple websites? Breeze has various tools that help you in the daily website operational tasks

Recurring weekly and monthly checklists

You can create a weekly or monthly checklist according to your projects to help you keep your tasks up-to-date and never miss an important check.

Website migration information

Ready to go live? Share a migration go-live list that can be shared with your team and external agency.

Remember every website environment

Store all your website environment information and staging passwords and build URLs in one place. Information is stored in the cloud, so you can access it with Breeze Chrome Extension and share it with your team.

Website visual sitemap & page list in a simple format

Store key website templates, page lists and sitemaps in one place. This can be shared with the business team and exported to CSV format.

Breeze Web Application

Get rid of all unnecessary extensions and documents that you use to manage websites

Breeze is the new innovative way to manage and operate websites. It's the only tool for Website Managers. So why add too many chrome extensions when Breeze is the All-In-One Solution for you?


Group and manage multiple websites, sharing access with your team effortlessly.

Catalog website into Workspace,
Share with Client & External Teams