Access pre-defined SEO checklist, marketing, QA checklists and more in the Breeze web app

Get hands-on with the pre-defined checklists for your weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks.

SEO checklist, marketing checklist, QA checklist, development checklist and more on the Breeze web application

Never miss your weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks with pre-defined checklists

Breeze lets you access the pre-defined checklists as per your work requirements and also make your own checklists.

Pre-defined/Create your own

Use pre-defined checklists or create your own in the “add new” section of the checklist panel

Take notes

Take notes of the important things that you need while executing your tasks

Set priorities

Set priorities to your tasks as ‘low’, ‘medium’, and ‘high

Tick off tasks

Tick off the completed tasks and they go separately in the “marked” list

Set the date

Set a timeframe in which you want to complete the checklist


Edit the checklist items or delete the, as and when you need to

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Tick off your tasks with pre-defined checklists

A glimpse of the ‘Checklist’ feature inside the Breeze web application

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly checklists at your fingertips

There are pre-defined SEO, marketing, and other checklists for you so that you do not miss the important tasks.

Add new checklists or use pre-defined ones

Use pre-defined weekly, and monthly checklists or create your own as per your work requirements

Edit/Delete the checklists Edit the checklists, add important notes, or delete them as per your needs.

Set priorities and set a timeframe You can set priorities for the tasks in your checklists and also can set timeframes for them.

Checklist Overview

Can I create an SEO checklist?

Is the Checklist feature only for SEO experts and marketing professionals?

Can I set priorities for my tasks?

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