Check website mobile responsive with mobile view switcher

With the Breeze mobile view switcher extension chrome extension, you can easily check the mobile responsiveness of your website. Website audit tool for faster QA & UAT process sign-off.

  • Check how the page looks on various breakpoint

  • Get the top browser list from google analytics

  • Share top browser breakpoint with the team

The best mobile browsing testing Chrome extension to view mobile responsive and switcher. Ensure responsiveness with this mobile responsive checker and tester. Access mobile versions of websites with the mobile view and mobile site viewer extensions.

Forget drag and drop of the screen, switch to a one-click responsiveness test

Breeze allows users to test the mobile responsiveness of their websites with easy options.

One Click Testing

After you install the chrome extension, you can test the responsive layout in one click

Test For Your PC/Laptop

Not only for mobile, but you can test the responsiveness of your PC and Laptop as well.

Google Analytics API

With out Google analytics API integration, you can get top browser data in Breeze WebApp

Check Dimensions

You can check 2 types of ideal dimensions from the dropdown and see what’s working for your website

Hassle-Free Testing

Do not drag and scroll your screen anymore. Just click on the buttons to test the responsive layout

Reload & Check

You can see if the changes are implemented by reloading the webpage with a single click

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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Simplest way to test the mobile
responsiveness of your websites

Breeze has one-click options to check whether your website is responsive or not.

Install the Breeze chrome extension on the web store

It’s free. You just have to go there and search for the Green icon of Breeze, install the extension and enable it.

Click on the ‘Layout’ icon

By clicking on the chrome extension icon on your extension bar, a window will pop up. Click on Layout to avail the mobile responsiveness test.

Select dimensions and test for mobile and PC

You can select the dimensions for either mobile or PC and check the responsiveness accordingly.

Mobile Responsiveness Test  Mobile View Switcher

How Do I Switch Back To Mobile View In Chrome?

How To Check Responsive Website In Chrome?

Free Chrome Extension

Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkit available today.

Chrome Extension

The Top Chrome Extensions for Testing Mobile and Responsive Web Design

Mobile and responsive web design are essential practices in today's digital world. They allow websites to adapt their functionality and appearance to suit a user's device, regardless of the type of device they're using. In addition, a Responsive website allows users to access information quickly and ensures that the website is always up-to-date and effective.

Mobile and responsive design is also a great way to increase site accessibility and improve user experience, which can help keep users engaged and coming back for more.

If you're a web designer or developer, you know how important it is to test your mobile and responsive design. Luckily, some great Chrome extensions can help you do just that. This article will introduce you to the top 10 Chrome extensions for mobile and responsive testing.

Mobile Emulator Extension

The Mobile Emulator Extension is an excellent tool for testing mobile devices. This extension lets you use a simulated mobile device to test how your site will appear on different devices. In addition, it allows you to view your site on both phones and tablets, so you can quickly identify any issues with mobile accessibility.

Device Tester

Device Tester is another helpful extension for testing mobile and responsive design. This Tool allows you to simulate different screen sizes and mobile device types to understand better how your site will look on other devices. Additionally, Device Tester provides an easy way to compare multiple devices side-by-side, helping you spot any inconsistencies between them.

Mobile and Responsive Testing Extension

The Mobile and Responsive Testing Extension is an excellent tool for quickly checking the compatibility of your website on various devices and platforms. This plugin allows you to select specific elements of your website and test how they look on different devices and screen sizes. You can also choose from various device models, such as iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, to see how your website looks on multiple devices. The mobile and responsive testing extension also has built-in features for simulating touch events and gestures.

Mobile Tester

Mobile Tester lets you view your website on different devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. In addition, it allows you to test your website's appearance on different screen sizes, resolutions, and types.

Responsive Tester

Responsive Tester lets you view your website on different devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. In addition, it allows you to monitor your site's changes as users resize their screens.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test is a popular mobile-responsive checker chrome extension that can help improve your website's mobile responsiveness. This extension provides valuable insights into how users interact with your site, allowing you to make improvements where necessary. In addition, the Tool can help you assess the overall mobile-friendliness of your site and make any necessary improvements.

W3C Mobile-Friendly Test

The W3C Mobile-Friendly Test is another valid mobile-responsive checker chrome extension. This Tool can tell you if your website complies with specific mobile accessibility standards. Tool

The Tool can help compress images on your website to reduce file size and improve mobile loading speeds.

GTMetrix Mobile Test

The GTMetrix Mobile Test provides a list of checks to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices in all areas of functionality, such as performance and accessibility.


Dimensions is a simple, easy-to-use extension that lets you measure the dimensions of any element on your website. This extension is handy for testing mobile and responsive design, as it allows you to quickly and easily measure the size of different factors on your site.

Chrome browser extensions that can help website testers improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work

  • Page Load Time: 

    Displays a website's loading time in the toolbar, allowing testers to identify and optimize slow-loading pages.

  • Session Manager: 

    Allows testers to list a group of sites that can be opened and clicked with a single click. Testers can update, save, delete, and restore the group.

  • Check My Links:

     Checks all the links on a web page to verify if they are active/valid or broken.

  • Window Resizer: 

    Resizes a tester's browser window to replicate other screen resolutions, allowing designers and developers to test website layouts on multiple browser resolutions without accessing those devices.

  • Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder: 

    Takes screenshots of specific test steps, annotates, highlights, crops them, and shares them with other testers. Users can also shift between screenshot capturing and screen recording (video).

  • PerfectPixel:

     Impose a semi-transparent overlay over the developed HTML to compare different versions to identify and precisely out pixel placement issues.

  • WAVE Evaluation Tool: 

    Offers feedback on the accessibility of web content by inserting indicators into the content to highlight accessibility issues.

  • iMacros:

     Allows testers to record repetitive tasks and play them back on a specific web page.

  • Test IE:

     Allows testers to test websites on Internet Explorer.


Mobile responsiveness has become a crucial aspect of website design in today's fast-paced world. As a result, web developers often use mobile view extensions to preview their website's responsiveness on different mobile devices. With the help of these extensions, developers can test how their website looks and functions on various screen sizes and resolutions.

The Google Chrome Web Store offers a vast array of mobile view extensions that can be added as plugins to your browser. These extensions range from mobile view switchers to mobile responsive checkers, making it easier to switch to mobile view on a whim and test how responsive a website is.

One of the best ways to ensure that your website is mobile-responsive is to design with a "mobile-first" approach. Developing the website for mobile devices and then scaling up to a desktop view. In addition, web designers can use mobile-responsive design checkers to preview how their website will look on different mobile devices.

Installing mobile view extensions on your browser is a quick and easy process. You can find these extensions on the Google Chrome Web Store and download and install them to your browser. These extensions will enable you to instantly switch to mobile view mode and preview how your website looks on different mobile devices.

There are many benefits to using mobile view extensions and mobile-responsive checkers. These tools help web developers ensure that their website is fully functional and visually appealing on all devices. In addition, by using these extensions, developers can quickly identify and fix design flaws hindering their website's mobile responsiveness.

In conclusion, mobile view extensions are essential tools for web developers and designers. They offer a convenient and easy way to preview mobile responsiveness and ensure that the website looks great and functions well on any device. As a result, web developers can build visually appealing and highly functional websites by incorporating a "mobile-first" design approach, using mobile-responsive checkers and extensions.