Use the visual sitemap generator in the Breeze web application

Store your website sitemap in XML and CSV format. Choose to see them graphically with the visual sitemap generator


Visual sitemap generator available for free in the Breeze web application

Store XML and CSV sitemaps and see their visual version

Breeze lets you save the sitemaps and gives you a pleasant visual representation of them.

Raw data

After uploading the sitemap in XML or CSV format, Breeze lets you extract the raw data from it

Download sitemaps

You cannot only save the sitemaos but you can download them as well

Level-wise representation

Breeze web application gives you the leverage to see your website pages in a leve-wise format

Visual sitemap generator

Breeze web application has a visual sitemap generator that allows

Upload sitemap in XML or CSV

You can upload sitemaps in XML or in CSV

Monitor website pages from a single view

You can see an overall view of the website pages from one place

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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Freelancer: Free

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Pro: $147 (Life Time Deal)

Visual representation of the sitemap in a click

A glimpse of the ‘Sitemap’ feature inside the Breeze web application

Never miss out on any website page – Visualise your sitemap in a click

Access the level-wise and visual representation of the sitemap in a click

Add sitemaps in XML or CSV format Add the XML/CSV sitemaps with a URL or add them manually in the Breeze web application

Level-wise and visual representation of the sitemaps

Once you upload the sitemap in XML or CSV, Breeze will automatically generate the visual sitemaps for you

Download the sitemaps

Do not lose your sitemap URL ever, save it in the Breeze app and download whenever you want

Sitemap Overview

How do I create a visual site map?

How do I visualize an XML sitemap?

Can I download sitemaps?

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