Techstack information in one place

Get to know the technology stack behind your websites in a click, without using any code. Knowing the tech stack behind your website gives you an edge. Knowledge of technical stack can help you make decisions smartly.

Technology stack gives you information about the technologies used to build a website of software

Store and retrieve Techstack information on your website. With auto fetch & manual option

Fetch tech information like web frameworks, programming languages, CDN information, and more with Techstack. You can also add your own technology.


Know which CMS platform is being used by a particular software/website


Get a list of languages used to build a product within a click

Domain Information

Breeze lets you see the domain and hosting provider

Security Information

Understand the security measures taken your target technology

Marketing Resources

Marketing insights give you the leverage to analyse your competitors’ marketing techniques

CDN Information

You can note information about CDN networks of a particular website within a few minutes

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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Technology stack at a glance

Here’s a glimpse of the technical stack behind a website in one single view in the Breeze Web Application.

Techstack insights for non-tech professionals

Do not restrain yourself from knowing the technology behind a website or software. Breeze’s Techstack feature helps you get detailed insights about the techstack of your website.

Get the CMS information of your website

Fetch insights of CMS, UI-UX builders, font scripts, etc. in a visual format with one click

Get details of programming languages, databases, and libraries

Know which programming languages, Web frameworks, and CDNs your website is using

Add hosting provider details

Add hosting provider details and fetch A, AAA, MX, NS, and SOA records

Techstack Overview

How can I find website techstack on Breeze?

How many tech stacks can I view in Breeze?

How can I find out the CMS of a website?

What is an example of the techstack?

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