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Whether you are a freelancer or a website development agency, We have a pricing plan for everyone and for every need.

One Chrome Extension to Manage your website projects

A single platform which allows you to check SEO essentials, switch different environments, capture & automate screenshots. Your switching to different tools and web pages ends with our Chrome Extension.

Website Chrome Extension

SEO Panel

Check essential SEO information like meta Title & description length by switching to the SEO panel with a single click. Help you to optimize title & description without switching to page source!

SEO panel

Cookie & Cache

Quickly clear your browsing data & cache with a single click & improve performance of your computer & loading time of your web pages.

Responsive Layout

Easily test the responsiveness of web designs by optimizing & testing your website on different devices /multiple screens in one view.

Responsive Layout

Domain Switcher

Easily switch between the different environments i.e. Live, development, UAT, QA, local, etc. It saves both your time and efforts and helps in increasing productivity. All in one place to add, manage and share your website environment with your team.

Domain Switcher


The simplest & most reliable feature to capture screenshots in full webpage or in focused area within seconds at your convenience.


Live Edit

The best feature to click & change any text on the websites immediately instead of having to sort through HTML.

Live Edit Overview

What is

What is is designed to know WHAT IS the third party plugin information associated to different websites.

What Is Overview


Extract images, videos, icons, and colors from a website.


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