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Say yes to web scraper chrome extension and no to a thousand lines of code. Extract media from a website with a click.

Media Scraper

Media extract from a website is now easy - Breeze web scraping tool is all you need.

Scrape and download media from any website with a click

Extract colours, fonts, images, and videos of any website on the internet with Breeze’s Chrome Extension.

Fetch Images

Fetch images on any website with one click from Breeze’s chrome extension. You can download them as well

Fetch Videos

Videos on the internet can be extracted from Breeze’s Media scraper tool. You can also download them easily

Extract SVGs

Extract the icons on any website you wish. You can download them in an SVG format

Extract Colours

Colours can be extracted from any website with their hashcodes. This gives designers an exact idea for the colour palette

Extract Fonts

Know how many fonts are on the website with just a click. This information helps designers and content creators in their work

Download Media

Users can download all the media forms – be it image, video, or SVG on any website with the help of Breeze chrome extension

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Fetch media from a website with a click

After installing the Chrome extension on your browser, you can start fetching media from websites with a single click.

Images and videos

Fetch images and videos from a website with Breeze’s chrome extension and download them on your local system.

Icons in SVG form

Know which icons are used on a website and get SVGs of them with a click.

Colours and fonts

You can fetch hashcodes of colours as well as the list of fonts used on any website via the Breeze chrome extension.

Media Scraper Overview

What is web scraping?

Can you scrape any website?

How do I extract images, videos, and content from a website?

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Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkit available today.

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