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Information in one place

Share with your team

For non-technical professionals

One tool to manage your websites

Manage your website projects in an organised, and productive way. You can retire an outdated chrome extension for Breeze’s features.

Workspaces, team sharing, and more

Create workspaces, create website projects, and share all the necessary information with your team.

WORKSPACES to manage multiple websites from a single space

Breeze workspaces can contain more than one website. Right from the information of tasks to the list of team members is in a single, accessible space.

TEAM SHARING to share project information with your team/s

Each workspace and website project can be shared with your team members. You can create teams and assign them roles according to their responsibilities.

TECHSTACK and BROWSER SUPPORT to get insights into business

Breeze gives you different kinds of utilities to know the insights into your business. For example – ‘Techstack’ for technology and ‘Browser Support’ for audience insights.

Breeze Workspace

Environment, hosting migration, and
screenshot automation

Manage development environments, manage domains and hosting information, and have access to screenshot automation all in one app!

ENVIRONMENT FEATURE to switch between product, staging, and live environments

You no more have to worry about remembering the development URLs. Breeze lets you colour code and switch between them in a click

HOSTING MIGRATION for a smoother migrating process

Hosting migration lets you fetch the status of your migration process so that you keep up to date with it.

SCREENSHOT AUTOMATION to monitor websites

Screenshot Automation takes screenshots for you in a particular duration so that you can monitor a website or an application without manual efforts.

Website Screenshot Capture

Chrome Extension

Breeze is an easy to use chrome extension that allows you to operate various website management activities right from the extension bar

  • SEO Panel

  • Domain Switcher

  • Live Edit

  • Cookie and Cache

  • Responsive Layout

  • Screenshot

  • What is

  • Performance

Chrome Extension Panel

Impress your clients, manage teams, and scale your website project with a website toolkit.

Here are some more features of Breeze that you might like to see!


Group and manage multiple websites, sharing access with your team effortlessly.

free chrome extension

Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkit available today.

Chrome Extension

Here’s what our customers have to say

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Gauri Pendsay

Breeze has made my life easier. I can rely on the Breeze application for many of my website management tasks.

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Devan Hariharan

I have become more productive than before after starting to use the Breeze application.