Extract pages of a website in one click with Breeze web application

Breeze fetches the list of pages of a website and shows you metadata of the pages

Page List

Breeze is the best tool to extract a list of website pages

Know detailed metadata of all website pages in the Breeze web application

Breeze extracts all the pages and detailed metadata of your website pages

List of pages

Breeze fetches all the pages of a particular website

Meta information

Breeze’s pagelist tool extracts the meta data and meta title

Meta character length

You can also see the meta character length of your webpages

Add custom fields

You can add your own custom fields like

Social Cards

Fetch social cards of different platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, etc. in a click

Add your own pages

You can add your own page with custom fields as you want in the list

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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Breeze lets you find a list of pages on your website

A glimpse of the ‘Page List’ feature inside the Breeze web application

Website pages with detailed metadata in a click

Access the detailed metadata of all of the pages on your website

Get social cards of your website

You can get the social cards for different social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, etc. within a click as you click on the page list button in the Breeze web

Submit your own fields of information

You can choose to see fields on that give you more details about a particular page

Pull metadata of a page on your website

Get to know meta title and meta description behind each page of a website

Page List Overview

Which tool can fetch a list of pages of a website?

How do you find out how many pages a website has?

Can I see the meta information of any webpage in Breeze’s Pagelist tool?

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