Control the Chaos

Breeze gives you peace of mind by securely storing website project information from one place. Share it with relevant people.




View your website’s sitemap in a visual format

Breeze lets you visualise the sitemap in graphical and level-wise formats inside the Breeze web application


Impress your clients & scale your business
with powerful website toolkit

These are some of the features of Breeze that make it the best website management toolkit available today.

#1 Time saver

No more shuffling through multiple files. Save time with organised information in one place

Share Workspaces

Create multiple workspaces for different projects and share them with external agencies, freelancers, or team members.

Invite Team Members

Collaborate with your teams and team members by inviting them to your workspaces.

Integrate With Chrome

Connect your Google Analytics View ID with the Breeze Chrome Extension and operate the tools on the go.

Analyse Your Data

Breeze lets you find out insights into your audience’s behaviour. It also has a feature for extracting technical data behind a website.

Trouble-Free Handover

Once the project is done, you can easily handover it over with one click to your clients.

Built for non-tech marketers

The Breeze product strives to make the life of a non-technical marketing professional a little bit easier. As a result, you can access technical information about the website with Breeze.

Clear cookie & cache with one click

Delete and manage cookies, cache & local data in a single click from your Chrome browser.

Check if your website works on mobile

No-code way to check if your website works on mobile. Sync with Google Analytics top screen resolution data.

Take screenshots with debugging information

The breeze tool helps you capture screenshots of any website issues and share them with developers with technical (debug) information. You can also take recurring screenshots of your page.

Edit text on the page without login

With LiveEdit, modify the text and images and change the alignment on the web pages without making changes in the backend or code.

Breeze Chrome Extension

Finally get your marketing and sales under control

Here are some more features of Breeze that you might like to see!


Group and manage multiple websites, sharing access with your team effortlessly.

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you neeed in one place for your team.


Trusted by 200,000+ users



Freelancer: £0/Free

Starter: £150 pm/£1800 pa

Pro: £500 pm/£6000 pa

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