Get hands-on third-party plugin information of a website in a single click

Breeze allows you to fetch the third-party data of a particular website with a few clicks. Our ‘What is’ feature is made for you if you wish to know “what is” your competitor or clients are using as their tools!

What Is

Know the third-party data of your or another website with a click. It gives you an edge over your competitors

Easy to use ‘what is’ tool on breeze chrome extension

Breeze allows users to get insights behind a third-party tool of a website

Fetch Third-Party Data

You can fetch third-party plugin IDs of any website with a few clicks

Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors better by finding out which third-party plugins they use

Debug Information

Get debug information of a particular website in a single click

Helps In Marketing

If you are a marketing agency, or a consultant, this will help you in marketing activities

IP Address

Get to know exact IP addresses of a particular website in a single click

Screen Size

You can find out screen size of a particular website. It could also help in designing purpose

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

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The easiest way to know the insights
into a website’s third-party plugins

Breeze has options to edit the text and visuals on the live website

Install the Breeze chrome extension on the web store

It’s free. You just have to go there and search for the Green icon of Breeze, install the extension and enable it.

Click on the ‘What Is’ icon

By clicking on the chrome extension icon on your extension bar, a window will pop up. Click on the ‘What is’ button to start editing the website.

Get insights into third-party information

You can get insights into other websites just by clicking on the ‘what is’ button on the Breeze chrome extension.

What Is

What is the role of the ‘What is’ feature?

What includes third-party data?

Free Chrome Extension

Some of the features that make Breeze one of the best website toolkit available today.

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