Get Google Analytics browser metrics without logging into GA!

Do not worry about fetching your Browser and OS reports. You can fetch them on the go with the help of the Breeze web app. Know how it works!

Track Google Analytics browser metrics like top browser names, top OS, user sessions, number of new visitors, and more with browser support

Most important Google Analytics metrics at your fingertips with the Breeze web application!

Track down your browser information, device and OS information, as well as user behavioural metrics without logging into Google Analytics.


Know which are the most popular OS being used by your audience


Know the exact resolutions of devices like mobile and desktop that your audience use

Integrate Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics View ID with the Breeze Web App once and for all

Bounce Rate

Improve your SEO performance with user’s behavioural data like bounce rate

Access Within Reach

You don’t have to log in, create audiences, and view reports in GA. Everything’s available within your workspace in Breeze

Browser & OS Reports Without GA

Get the browser names, their OS, and the different versions of the browsers your audience is using without logging in to GA

Start managing your websites

The first compherensive tool developed for Website Managers. Everything you need in one place for your team.

No credit card required

Freelancer: Free

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Browser information in one click

Here’s a glimpse of the browser support you get behind a website in one single view in the Breeze Web Application.

Get browser, device, and OS insights in the browser support

Now you do not need to learn complicated report-making in Google Analytics. You can simply log into Breeze Web App and have your reports in one place.

Take a closer look at your target audience

See what browser, OS, and device your audience is using. Look into the most popular resolutions, their bounce rate, and the time they spend on your website.

Have an effortless experience tracking your browser metrics

Have you ever imagined that you can get Browser and OS reports without GA? You don’t have to log into GA again once your integration is complete.

Stay ahead of your competitors

The insights behind your audience behaviour will help you stay ahead in the competition.

Browser Support Overview

Why is browser support important?

How do I track browser support information in Breeze?

Do I need to sign up every time to Google Analytics for the Browser and OS information?

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