Website Layout

Website Layout

Web Layouts are patterns that define the structure of a website. A website’s structure assists both its owner and its users in finding information on the site. Web page navigation is made easier with this technology, which displays the most important information at the top of the page. You can use the golden ratio while designing the website layout to achieve a beautifully balanced interface and make people enjoy their experience on your website.

How To Create An Attractive Website Layout

The secret is to design using the golden ratio because it aids in creating well-balanced content. By deciding the length of the smallest element and multiplying it by a golden ratio which is approximately 1.618. The result will be the perfect length of the bigger element.

The procedure is designed to help with proportions. All the elements work in sync for the best user experience.

Components Of A Website Layout

Here are different components of a website layout:


 A website header is the top narrow strip of the web page with a logo, features, a call to action, and contact information.

Main content

 A large area in the centre of a website contains important content, such as video, text, map, or image of a particular search. You’ll find this part of the website changing from page to page.



Web banners are paid digital advertisements that are showcased on the top, bottom, or sides of a website. Generally, ads of a website are displayed on another website, so that its viewers find the advertiser’s ad relevant and are led to their website. The advertising website pays the website which displays the ad based on every click(CPC).


The website footer is the bottom section of a web page and is seen across all pages of a document. This usually includes a copyright notice, a link to a privacy policy, a sitemap, a cookie policy, an address, a logo, contact information, and social media icons. In a website footer, information and navigation options are provided to help visitors 

Website Layout

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Layout

Here are some questions asked often on Website Layout:

What is considered a good website layout?

A website layout that is symmetrical looks clean to the eyes, and is well-structured is considered a good website layout.

How to decide the best website layout?

Different kinds of businesses will need different kinds of layouts.Website layout largely depends on

  • 1)Which website you are building

  • 2) Who will be your audience

  • 3) what customisation you will need to do

  • 4) Cost required

  • 5) Resources Required, etc