Do you know What are protocols? Let us learn protocols in computer science, Types of protocols like HTTP and What are its types, etc

What are protocols?

Protocols help the internet function properly as it’s the grade that enables communication, data transfer, and, the connection between two places on a network. There are two ways to do that, using HTTP or HTTPS.

What is HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)?

It generally sets rules to govern how a standardized transfer of information to be done on the World Wide Web and various servers to communicate. The use of hypertext structured text sets up logical links between the nodes containing text. It is also called Stateless Protocol.

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. The HTTP protocol provides communication between completely different communication systems. Once the user makes an HTTP request on the browser, then the webserver sends the requested knowledge to the user within a variety of websites.

HTTP is an application layer protocol that comes higher than the TCP layer. It has provided some commonplace rules to the online browsers and servers. The browsers can use them to speak with one another.

HTTP is an unsettled protocol as every transaction is done on an individual basis while not having any information of the previous transactions, which implies that when the dealing is completed between the server and the browser, the connection is lost.

What is HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure)

It is a higher version of HTTP that allows secure proceedings by encrypting the whole communication with SSL. HTTPS is the combination of SSL, TLS protocol, and HTTP. It provides inscribed & secure identification of a network server.

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The HTTP doesn’t give the protection of the information, whereas HTTPS ensures the protection of the information. Therefore, we will say that HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. This protocol permits transferring the information in an encrypted type. The employment of HTTPS protocol is principally needed wherever we want to enter our credentials. To provide security (encryption), HTTPS uses an encryption protocol referred to as Transport Layer Security, and formally, it’s brought up as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This protocol uses a mechanism referred to as an asymmetric public key infrastructure, and it uses different keys that are stated below:

  • Private Key: This key is available on a web server, which is managed by the website’s owner. It decrypts the data which is encrypted by the public key.

  • Public Key: This key is accessible to everyone as it converts the data into an encrypted form.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

The distinct difference between HyperText Transfer Protocol and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is the SSL certificate HTTPS possesses. The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is an extended version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol with an extra feature of security.

This additional feature of security is incredibly necessary for those websites that transmit sensitive information like credit card or debit card info.

Which one is better?

We believe that HTTPS is better than HTTP because of the extra security HTTPS provides. Sometimes, websites don’t contain e-commerce pages that require sensitive data; in those scenarios, we can use the HTTP protocol. Despite the security, HTTPS also assists with SEO features, so it’s a bonus.