Meta Title and Description Guide

Meta Title and Description Guide

What is meta title & meta description? Let us learn about the metadata of a web page.

What are Meta Title and Description?

Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are short items of HTML code that are found on web pages. They show the title of the web page and its description. Both of them provide information about the page and its content.

Meta title and Meta description act as outline devices. The web users use them to decide whether or not the page listed in a search engine index contains the data that may answer their question.

You are most likely accustomed to seeing page titles and meta descriptions daily or at intervals in search results, like the classic ten blue links you are accustomed to seeing in Google’s search results however didn’t apprehend their name.

Meta title and Meta description are unbelievably vital for your website’s SEO hygiene.

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What is Metadata?

Metadata is information that’s written into the code or beneath a layer of code to produce additional data to the software (computer code) reading it.

There are multiple samples of metadata. You’ll notice metadata within the data you’re taking, sharing the geographical location, and so on.

Videos embrace metadata too and it’s quite almost like the metadata employed in hypertext mark-up language pages mentioned below because the title of the video and its description are listed within the metadata code inside it.

Metadata for websites may be a deep subject as there square measure countless metadata tags choices accessible to the owners of the website, every of which might be optimized to form your website easier to seek out and use. Two of the foremost vital are the Title Tag and therefore the Description Meta Tag.

What are Meta Titles?

Meta Titles or “Title Tags” are small pieces of HTML code you can find in the source code of web pages.

Example of meta title: <title>This Is A Title </title>

This is the title of the page. It’s displayed within the tab title of the browser you’re presently using to browse and it’s additionally the name used once you bookmark any page.

This title is shown by search engines, like Google, at intervals within its search pages. A user, like yourself, will then use this page title to work out whether or not the linked-to page contains the data they’re trying to find.

If the text at intervals the <title> tag for a page is “How to reach Paris by Train”, it’s safe to presume that the linked-to page contains data regarding the way to visit Paris.

How well you optimize this text determines however probably an individual is to click the link to your page. Higher the chances, you receive more traffic on the page from search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meta Title and Meta Descriptions

1. What is a character limit for meta description?

The ideal length for a meta description of any webpage is 120-156 characters. That usually sums up around 20-35 words.

2. How many characters should an SEO title have?

The ideal character limit of a meta title or an SEO title should be 60 characters. That goes to 5-10 words.