Key Launch Dates, Page Owners and Subscription List for Website Team

Breeze has three new features that will help website them with their day-to-day task

Key Launch Dates

Website Launch Date Sample Data

Have you ever wondered when website migration happened or when specific releases happened? Google Analytics is great, but if you want to share this information with a new team and have one source of truth, Breeze is your Tool. With Breeze Dates, you can save any type of date, and you have the flexibility to personalise it to your own workspace.

Here is a three use-case for the Website Dates tool on Breeze Bar

  1. Website Release or Migration Dates

  2. Contract start or end date for an Agency or Freelancer

  3. Key feature release on the website

Page Owners

Who owns the product page, who is responsible for the blogs, and who can we ask to update the data on the about section? These are some unanswered and embarrassing to ask within your organisation. Fear now, with Breeze, when you onboard a new member, you can equip them with this information. Give your team the best chance to be successful at their job.

Subscription List and Tools

Marketing Technology tools are powerful and are the best-kept secret for business success. We desire to have these tools in our arsenal. However, we are unsure if we have a subscription and who would be the right person to contact. With the Subscription & Tools section, store all your tools information and transparently show it to the team. Only retrieve the login details when they ask you,

We hope you are enjoying Breeze; if you have any feedback, please send it to us through the contact page.