What is website audit report?

Can I download the webpage audit report?

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Page template lets you save design templates with URLs and important data in one place. So that you can invest your time in creating new designs.

Changelog Section

Breeze web application


RELEASED ON 2021-07-07

  1. Utility pages. (New)

  2. Created workspace to organise the same group of websites. (New)

  3. Created website to check the complete site details using chrome extension. (New)

  4. Created an Account page to check their profile and allow them to modify it. (New)

  5. Added Change Password option


RELEASED ON 2021-07-08

  1. Logo format changed (Fixes)

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What is website audit report?

Which is the best tool for website audit?

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Explore free website management tools with one click from the free Breeze chrome extension

Save the webpage audit report in the Breeze app You can save your report of the webpage audit by clicking the ‘save’ button in the Breeze web application

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